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Attaching and pasting items via Drag and drop or just Copy-paste in updates-comments section


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Description - Allow add items in "updates->comments" section without save it on my PC.

Why is this feature important to you - Is quicker instead of saving the item and click on add image then. Many times, I do not need it stored on my PC or I do not need to upload the document and just paste an excel table. 

How would you like the feature to work - Drag and drop or just Copy and paste items such as screenshots and tables and keep the table format in the comments.

Current Behaviour - Save the items, and then click on add images is currently the unique way. Is not possible drag and drop the screenshot or copy and paste a table without lose the format or copy and paste a screenshot is not posible neither.





Hi @esalraz ,


Thank you for the feedback!  I am the product manager working on the new commenting experience.


I would like to let you know that we will be introducing drag&drop as well as the copy/paste functionality of the images into the comments shortly. As for the table format, could you please expand more no what you are referring to ?

Status changed to: New


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Thanks for following this up and it will very useful copy/and paste or drag&drop images in WF update section


About table format ...

I´d like to copy and paste an excel table in the comments/updates section without lose the table format. Please see attached image for your reference,






Thanks for the details. 


Currently, we don't have the support for the tables in comments planned in the near term roadmap. Hopefully, in the future with more text formatting options we will be able to support this. 


Thanks again for your support. P.s. the drag&drop and copy&paste of the images is already available in the preview environment.