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Description - 

Please note: currently, we do not have Workfront Fusion nor do we have a DAM system that communicates with WF. Potentially a solution down the road, but not in the near future. 


If someone has found a workaround to this, PLEASE reach out so we can chat. I am very interested in learning how to solve this issue.


As Workfront requests come in from Marketing Managers, I would like the ability to be able to tag projects to connect them to each other as sometimes they live in different campaigns, but edits requested for one piece would actually affect several pieces. 


Why is this feature important to you - 

This helps our marketing team to better organize related pieces without the hassle of spending extra time searching for all related materials and potentially missing any pieces that may not be used as often or are "hidden" in other areas. 


How would you like the feature to work -

I'm honestly not quite sure... whether the traffic manager, project manager, or other user would apply a tag (likely on one of the custom forms) that would allow the ability to link that project other projects, campaigns, or even business areas. 


Current Behaviour -

Excel spreadsheets... which often has errors, isn't updated on time, missing pieces, etc. 


An example of what this looks like for us:

1) Requested edits to an existing piece enters the queue


2) The "quick" edit is changing one paragraph and a photograph in a guide


3) The guide itself lives within the Product Business Area under (Guides), however, this specific guide has:

-Three versions in different languages (Multicultural Marketing) 

-A co-branded version (Distribution Marketing > Co-Branded)

-Cobrand on Demand Version (COD) 



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Hi @MegSault,


Interesting usecase, and similar to a new solution we will soon release, which includes a technique for tagging you might consider.


  • create a multi-select checkbox of tags
  • show it in a column on a list (eg of Projects) to end users
  • teach them how to use the quick filter magnifying glass icon to quickly find a task of interest
  • choose the appropriate tag(s), and
  • repeat until all such tags are set


With those in place, users can the filter (by creating a named filter) or quick filter (on the fly).


Good luck, and I would be interested to hear how you make out.





cc: note to self @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore