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assigning Roles to a team and or group


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Currently a team, group etc are assigned to the user. Can you also have it so roles can be assigned/ linked to a team.

This will mean that resources scheduling and capacity planning can be done even if tasked arent assigned to a user as it will allow for reports or filters to search for roles in their team that are unassigned rather than looking by role by role, For complex projects and organisation this is essential.

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I realize this is old... but I wanted to respond:

I think you got the assignment stuff wrong: a team or group is not assigned to a user.

A user is a member of a team/group.

1 or more job roles are attributes of the user

a Task can be assigned to

  • a job role
  • a team
  • a user

Groups are "a bunch of people" used to control access

Teams are "a bunch of people" used in assigning work

From your post it sounds as if you're looking to report on

"what tasks that should be done by my team are not yet assigned to a person"

Here's how we're handling this:

  • report on Assignments
  • where assignedToID is blank, and
  • the assignment:roleID matches the desired list

How-To doc here