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Archive Programs,Portfolios, Etc.


Level 8


It would be great if there was a way to archive old programs and portfolios that we are not currently using/doing business with. It would really help keep our system clean and accurate. We have so many old programs that it becomes messy. For example, we have "2015 incremental", "2015 retainer", "2015 investments", etc under one single portfolio. We no longer use the 2015 programs since we are in 2017 now. We still want to be able to see the history of these programs and clients and projects, just want a way to archive them or deactivate them. Would also be nice to have the ability to reactivate them if we need to use them again. Similar to how you can deactivate and reactivate an employee. Would be nice for Admin users to have the ability to "clean up" and audit our information in Workfront.



Level 1


We would like to change a program's portfolio after having created a project.
We also want to retire old programs that we don't want to see in the dropdown and essentially put them in a "legacy" portfolio.


Level 6


I'd like to make sure that while this idea is under consideration they also consider the mechanism for archiving a program to be a Completion date of some sort so that we can report programs on a calendar.


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I hope this gets implemented. Our Power Group has asked for this feature, especially at the program level for over a year. Thank you for submitting this idea Brooke.


Level 3


Great idea! We have a similar situation as our programs reflect the business strategies or major initiatives for the year. As our strategies changes, yearly older programs causes confusion with naming conventions. We've tried placing year as the prefix in the name of the programs or using portfolios as containers to archive older programs. Yet we still need the ability to report out yearly trends and our environment is cluttered making it rather difficult to pull in the correct data needed.

It would be helpful to have a de-active or method. Currently, restrict view access for our users to only show current programs but this causes issues with our leadership team as they need to view multi-year initiatives.


Level 2


Thank you for the interesting idea and all the feedback. We agree this is great functionality to have and we are investigating it but we are not able to provide the timeline on when we will have it built, so will mark this as Not Planned for now. Please continue up-voting and providing your use cases as we will revisit this later.


Level 9


We would like to be able to close out a program the same way you can mark a Portfolio "Inactive" and it no longer appear in the dropdown list. We use portfolios for our different creative studios and the programs are campaigns but we have no way of hiding the campaigns once they are launched and our work completes or they are retired.

Managing the program list like the Portfolios to say it's no longer active seems the best way to remove it from the dropdown list when attaching projects.