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Anonymous Feedback on Proofs / Docs


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Description - Enable reviewers providing feedback on docs / proofs to be anonymous, so the feedback can be seen but not their name. Even though the feedback is anonymous, still want to be able to report on the specific users engagement (eg: User 1 reviewed 4 proofs) but the feedback they provided should be anonymous outside of System Admin level. 


Why is this feature important to you - We have certain processes (like DE&I) that require anonymity for feedback providers, in order to create a safe space for their feedback & increase comfortably with providing feedback. Since WF currently doesn't enable this, we are going to build their process flow in AirTable. We


How would you like the feature to work - Be able to select if the feedback being provided should be anonymous or not. If yes, have it turned on for a full process/proofs. Still ensure the engagement can be tracked via reporting however for each user. 


Current Behaviour - Shows everyones name whose provided feedback.

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