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Allow timestamps to be added to custom form fields and this data to be easily reportable.


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Currently there is no way to have timestamps added to custom fields, Only want to do this is to track the field, and then trying to pull this data is virtually impossible without longwinded text mode calculations. When would worldwide and having multiple teams working on projects then being able to track when items gets updated, and being able to use that data to then update other fields is a Gap. For example If you have a monthly project review, and expect a Monthly update on a project, there is no automatic way to check to see if that update has been updated in the last month or not without checking every project for a tracked field and if the date has been this month. Having a tick box on the custom field to say add time stamp, then being able to report and track that, you can automate a number of reminders, and also use to help automate a number of different areas, as you have a flag that provides a point in time that can easily be pulled and checked.