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Allow Task Assignment Visibility to Managers


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Managers should not have to depend on Project Creators to "share" correctly. If they are left off of the project sharing, they do not have visibility to their direct reports task assignments (unless you do wonky workarounds like creating a report run with the access level of system administrator).

Currently in Setup > Access Levels > you can set up rules for projects to automatically grant view access to the project creator's manager.

Likewise for Task Access Levels, you should be able to set up a rule to automatically grant view access to the task assignee's manager.

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Level 5


I 100% agree with this suggestion! Workfront has a place in the user profile to list out Direct Reports/Managers. It would be great if Workfront could use that data to display the tasks a manager's direct reports are assigned, without having to share the whole project with them. Right now, our managers are seeing incomplete data sets because they are not shared all projects in the system. It is extremely limiting and does not provide the visibility we are looking for.