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Allow Roles to be included in Proof


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Currently we do not have an easy way to find who has been assigned to a project within proofs by their name and associated role without backing out of the proof. We would like a way to see the assigned person’s name and their associated role under workflow. This will eliminate the need to back out and into the actual project to find the name and role(s). Currently, if within a proof you hover over a name assignment under workflow, it will show the email address only.


Why is this important? Because if there are around 20 or more tasks on a project, it becomes challenging to find the user associated to the task that requires proof approval.  Example: A copywriter is needed to approve the proof. Task 24 on the project has a task listed as Copywriter review. In order to determine the copywriter to add to the proof at this stage, you have to back out of proof via clicking the project link. Then find that associated task to then pull in the name. 


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