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Allow for a Group Administrator without permissions to Create/Delete users. Just edit group access - just like a Team owner can add/remove users from a team.


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We can see value to using the Group Administrator feature but the roadblock is they have to have full create/delete permissions on users. That's an immediate red flag as we should not have to open up permissions that can allow for someone to accidentally add/remove a user to the system just so they can add/remove a user from a group.  They just need the ability to edit a user record to add/remove group access, and specifically just the field for Groups.  If I can set a team owner who can add/remove users from a team, why can't group admins manage teams this way without the need for full create/delete permissions for the entire user?


It feels like this functionality needs a revist to offer fine tuning on the controls here. I understand some companies might want Group Admins creating users from scratch or deactivating/deleting them as well but you probably have just as many companies that do NOT want to open up that level or permissions. Which means they can't take advantage of this feature to allow other users to be group admins and manage user access to groups.  It should be an option to handle it either way.