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Allow fields like description to be snipped in dashboard views


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When the description field is in a dashboard and the description text is very long, it's very difficult to scroll to the next item. It would be nice to keep the field but also be able to just see a preview of the text; maybe just show about 200 characters (like a short tweet). 


Why is this feature important to you 

I avoid adding too much detail to the description field because it messes up our dashboards by displaying ALL the text. I would like to use this field as it's intended instead of adding it to the Updates section and then having to find it later. My boss ends up using this field like a subcategory field depending on the project.


How would you like the feature to work

Allow multi-line text fields to only show a preview of the text in dashboards. Would be nice if we can customize this to a set amount of characters but if that's not possible, "tweet length" is good.


Current Behaviour

If the description field is showing in the dashboard, it displays ALL the text so one line item can take a long time to scroll through.