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Allow customizable date on workload balancer


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Description - Flexibility in the time periods seen in workload balancer. Currently, the default starts on the sunday of a given week and does not update as the week progresses (i.e., on a friday, i can still only see sunday-saturday that week instead of being able to see the rolling week ahead).

Why is this feature important to you - Our team uses workload balancer (previously scheduling) to view current volume across teams to decide task deadlines (especially when there is flexibility on when the work can be completed). Even when ungrouping the tasks from the project and removing completed tasks, the current view is inefficient for the team as it can be cluttered, especially towards the end of the work week.

How would you like the feature to work - dynamic date as the first date seen that either auto adjusts to the current date or allows user to customize the first date they see.

Current Behaviour - Currently, workload balancer starts on Sunday at the beginning of the time period selected. Under the previous scheduler, the view adjusted to show the current date first. This allowed the team to efficiently manage current and near future volume real-time