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Allow Bulk Edit Task Custom Forms within Templates/ Projects without having to remove tasks, create reports before adding the forms back in


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Curently, you can't bulk edit a Task custom form if the custom form is already attached to a Project or Template. When you create a project based on a template you cannot bulk edit the task custom form. I've been recommeded to remove the task custom forms from templates, remove from current projects, then add them back in to be able to bulk edit them.... OR for templates, you can only bulk edit the first time you add the custom form to the template, not aftwards. But there's also the issue of not being able to bulk remove the custom form within the project as it may only be in a few tasks.


This removing any efficiencies for Templates or Projects.


No-one should have to remove custom forms after they've been put in a template, or Project, only to add it back in to be able to bulk edit. Otherwise whats the point to a template? Why do we need extra steps after a project goes live (adding custom forms) for a Project Manager to actually begin planning or even using that custom form.