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Allow a 'nickname' or short name for items that are pinned to user's new experience top header



Allow users to enter a "nickname" (shorter name) for projects/pages that the user pins to their top header in the New Experience.

We have a long prefix code at the start of all our project names and our names are really long. If the user could put in a short name, then it would be easier to read on the PIN bar at the top.



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Yes please!

We're a global team, so all out pinned pages begin with EMEAI, APAC or NALA. This means that it's impossible to read what the actual pages are.

Short names for pinned pages would be extremely useful!


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There has got to be others out there with this same need. I'd love to see the ability to rename the pins or at very least make the pin bar double wide and wrap the pin name to two lines? Or something. Like you said, as it is, almost every pin name is practically useless. Saving Grace: We can hoover over the pin to see more information about it before clicking. But PLEASE let us rename them!




Hi Everyone,

We're actively exploring some options for Pin management improvements, including the ability to set your own labels. If you're interested in testing some prototypes for us, please reach out to me directly tpatoile@adobe.com. I'll update here when we add it to the roadmap and get a clearer timeline on when it will release.