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All columns to be in-line editable in one shared column


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Description - I used shared column function to merge information (View: merge information from multiple columns in one shared column | Adobe Workfront) from two columns into one in a custom view in the project section, but I am only able to edit the information of the first one and I would like also to edit the information of the second one, third, fourth, etc.


Why is this feature important to you - It will be faster editing several fields in a merge column so I could edit several information at time.


How would you like the feature to work - I attached a screenshot. I would love all rows in my merged column will be in-line editable 


Current Behaviour - So far only the first (left) column is in-line editable (if applicable). So, if I am wanting to in-line edit both (or more) of the fields in my report or view I need to separate all my columns to edit them. I think I could do the same but in my merged column. Please see my concern is the community too. Re: [Event Follow-Up] 10 Text Mode Tips in Adobe W... - Page 2 - Adobe Experience League Community -...