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Adding text or watermarks over an image in Proof as an annotation


Level 2


The annotation ability within proof is great but currently limited without the ability to add text over the proof image itself.

It would be amazing to be able to add text over the top of a proof image as an annotation, the same way you can add the other elements such as a box or arrow, ie effectively a style of watermark - so may even be useful to be able to adjust opacity as a bonus, but definitely colour, font and size. Even at it's most basic such as you find in Paint would be great.

The use I see for these is adding an identifier to the image, in my case a product name or description over the top of the image, or set of images as a visual aid, as opposed to the note itself. This is different from the current text tool that only select text within certain file types, which is not what I need.

I've tried adding an image as an example but unfortunately it keeps failing...