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Adding "Deliverables" as an Object


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It would be SO beneficial for my current company and all companies I worked for in Workfront if there was an asset/deliverable/product object just like statuses/companies/priorities/etc.

Overall, just like when you want to customize something like statuses it would be great to make your deliverables set objects that can be customized by group. The way I have also done this was more with custom fields, but with custom fields you lose the opportunity of attaching one object to another automatically.

For example, it would be amazing if you can create a deliverable object and directly tie it to the template object. So, if I chose a template to use or a deliverable, it would automatically pull in the other. So if I check an Infographic as a deliverable object while creating project, it would automatically pull in an infographic template.

This would also allow for some pretty slick reporting too!

There's just so much more I didn't mention here that can be done if Deliverables were their own object.




This is a great idea. We typically have 1:many deliverables within a project, each with their own delivery date which is never at the same time as the project's "planned completion date". We've had to develop workarounds to help users see when deliverables are actually due. And having a status per deliverable would be amazing.


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Our team and organization structure is quite complex, with the majority of our work crossing teams, programs, portfolios, etc. I'd have to assume many organizations feel the same about their own structure (or lack thereof). Any ability to customize system-level containers and fields would be our biggest win because the limited structure is our constant challenge.

Our custom forms are getting long and the logic is complex. I know it is easier said than done, but we would LOVE the ability to add layers to the org structure that were easily reportable (company, group, teams), as well as adding custom fields to the "overview" area of any object for reporting purposes. Even changing their names would be beneficial to a degree.

I haven't seen the reporting canvas yet, but maybe that will solve all of 'my' world's problems :)