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Add the ability to drag and copy or "fill" data within a project or report view.


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Description - I would like to see the ability to take data from one field in Workfront and copy it down to adjacent lower (or upper) fields of the same type, similar to how you can "fill" data in Excel using the corner-drag interface.


Why is this feature important to you - Due to the complexity of kickstarts, and the clumsiness of the "edit" interface when trying to mass edit data (too may clicks) I think it would be a big time-saver for users to be able to drag down copied data within the screen interface. Kickstarts are too complicated to allow most users to format and import, and the edit button takes too many clicks to get to the correct custom data section to add the value I want. 


How would you like the feature to work - I would like to see a dynamic interface on the selected field that indicates the ability to "drag" the data up or down to copy it into adjacent, "like" fields. The assumption would be that the task or project you're trying to drag the data into has the custom form attached and available to hold the data. Big bonus if the system was able to accept a front-end filter to move rows of data that you need to copy into adjacent rows. I think that would be a stretch, but it would be awesome UI.


Current Behaviour - Right now the only ways I am aware of to mass copy data into the fields in WF are to use the edit button, after preselecting all of the tasks/projects you want to copy to. You also have to ensure that all of the tasks you selected have the custom form attached and that you also did not accidentally click a single task that already has the value in the field (Which currently completely prevents adding the exact same value to all the other fields you wanted to copy to).


The other option is kickstarts. The limitation around the ability to import data to more than one custom form is crippling in this case. It completely hampers the usefulness of the import function. Additionally, using a single custom form actually flies in the face of good data custody and management. I never advise that a team put all of their pertinent data into one single custom form.