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Add custom Filters and Views to the Team screen.


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Use case: We have a team that works by picking a single work item at a time from their team view. They work a variety of tasks, and some need to be done as soon as they're ready, some as late as possible , and some that must be done on a specific day (we do use all of these task constraints)

Currently in the team screen, there is no way to see these task contraints. Because of this, once the team gets to to a point where they can work ahead, the team can't distinguish the difference between the as late as possible and the must finish on tasks. This leads to the team having to "hunt and peck" for the as late as possible work items as it isn't possible for them to finish the must finish on tasks.

A viable solution to this issue would be for the team screen to have custom views so we can pull in information that would let them be able to prioritize much more efficiently. This is just one of many use cases that the idea could be really useful for.

Thanks for considering this idea!