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Add coloring options for Project Plans / Tasks


Level 10


When working with creative/graphic teams, over & over I hear the request to have coloring or shading options to project plan tasks. I have heard this request so many times, that I am now submitting it to Workfront.

ex: Parent Tasks can be a different color/shade.

ex: Critical path tasks can be a different color/shade.

For some users, having the coloring options would really help with adoption.



Level 3


This is extremely important for Agile and Gantt chart views where you're needing to make a quick judgement on the types of projects or tasks without having to click into each item. You can set up colorization with milestones but those colors only ever appear in the flags and in the milestone view on a portfolio. Those colors should appear all of the time.

Even further, in project setup allow for a choice of color for the purpose of an agile environment.