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Add ability to upload documents via an email reply


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When someone gets an update from workfront in their email they may add an attachment. Right now workfront ignores the attachment and you have no idea that there was an attachment.

We need attachments from our clients, they are used to submitting attachments via helpdesk.

Workaround: We built a flow in Azuqua (Azuqua doesn't handle attachments via gmail yet so it took some extra work but it works) that looks at every email coming in and sends them to workfront. This flow beats workfront by 2-40 minutes in processing the attachments before the update is posted to workfront.



Level 1


Our teams have been asking for the same! Not seeing the attachments in the email has been extremely frustrating.

We've already posted this suggestion in Idea Exchange several months ago:


and it was merged with another request from another client:

That being said, it seems like it's still not on the roadmap...




Thank you for your idea and comments. This work for the change is still in our queue to be done but we are waiting for resources to work on this one. We will continue to monitor in the queue and not let this one fall off the radar. Thanks again, for your feedback.