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Add a timer


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Add a timer to Timesheets that helps to manually track time spent on a task.



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Why is this still not planned? I've been hearing questions about this for several years and it appears this request goes back over five years. So, when this many users and companies are demanding the functionality why does Adobe continue to ignore it?



How can I upvote this? We are currently using Stopwatch and find it very clunky. It would be great to have the start/stop timer within the UI, and be able to quickly and easily start and stop without having to sort/filter through a bunch of tasks. Our team is struggling after transitioning from Wrike to Workfront.


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Description - The addition of a less-manual time-tracking device within the Workfront interface. This idea has been discussed previously on Experience League, and I am relisting it now here.

Why is this feature important to you - Allows for streamlined method of tracking hours within Workfront without having to resort to external methods or applications.

How would you like the feature to work - Preferably as a stop-watch, which can exist within a project or a task.

Current Behaviour - Logging hours manually, which can lead to errors. While there may be 3rd-party integrative solutions available (such as Enterprise Stopwatch), I find it bush-league that neither Adobe nor Workfront has added this functionality to Workfront proper.




Thank you for the submission! We think this is a good enhancement to the Workfront platform overall and this product area in particular!


Workfront currently prioritizes large-scale, foundational enhancements such as the new Reporting experience and changes to the core data model, so this item does not fit in our near-term roadmap. As such, I am marking this as Declined now, but we'll keep this in our backlog for the improvements for this area so that we can revisit the decision in the future.

Status changed to: Declined




Since this item has now been Declined (for now), I invite those interested to consider our Enterprise Stopwatch solution, which can improve and expand your users’ adoption of Workfront by making it simple and convenient for everyone to track time from their browser, tablet, or smart phone, as the work occurs.