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Add a keyboard shortcut to rotate a proof and use ctrl + mousewheel to zoom instead of shift


Level 3


Description - I didn't see any keyboard shortcut to rotate a proof and the default one from Acrobat doesn't work (Ctrl, Shift, - or +). Our line of work constantly has elements that are horizontal or upside down on envelopes and other flat proofs. 


I wish WF Proof used the same keyboard shortcut to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel (Ctrl + Mouse wheel) as it is in Acrobat so I don't have to constantly think about which shortcut to use since Proof uses Shift and the mouse wheel.


Why is this feature important to you - To easily navigate a proof using the keyboard for those of us who prefer shortcuts over the mouse to do everything. I am much more efficient in Acrobat than Proof. 


How would you like the feature to work:

Ctrl, Shift, - or  keyboard shortcut to rotate a proof

Ctrl + Mouse wheel keyboard shortcut to Zoom in and out


Current Behaviour - No shortcut to rotate. Different shortcut to zoom in and out than Acrobat (possibly a Chrome issue, but it seems like Proof shares other shortcuts with Chrome, it just depends on if you are in the proof itself or not)