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Add a deadline to Document approvals


Level 7


When uploading a document, you can request a document approval. This is great!

But, you can't assign a deadline to the document approval.

We have some projects in which we just want a user to approve a document, without assigning them a formal request. Workfront allows this, but without a due date, there's no way to indicate to the user by when their approval is needed. The workaround is to indicate that detail in a directed update, but this results in the user receiving two email notifcations (one soliciting approval, and another with the directed update.)

Document approvals should have deadlines just as request approvals do.



Level 4


This is a great idea! I would love for it to be automatically associated with the deadline on the task the document is associated with OR if its just in the project, to be able to assign a deadline.


Level 2


I would extend this request to Approvals on Tasks, too. Setting an approval deadline for any Object that can have an approval would be greatly helpful in planning.


Level 3


This is one of our main issues since pretty much all our documents operate in this way, and we struggle to get approvals back in a timely manner.


Level 2


I don't understand why this isn't standard already. This is a basic requirement for effective project management, routing documents for collaboration and approval. Please WF get this sorted now!




Thank you all for your ongoing input and feedback. I wanted to provide an update that this idea is part of our WF + Proof integration initiative. We do not have any ETA at present. Once we do, we can update accordingly.