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Add a Custom Form into a Custom Tab


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I want to be able to add a custom form to a custom tab in Projects, Programs, Tasks and Issues. This would come in as a useful place for me to store important information related to any of these items, such as: creative briefs, work orders, etc...

Further, I'd like this form to be editable in this location.



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I agree with all the comments here – people are revolting against having to dig up creative briefs that they submitted as custom forms. It's an adoption barrier and could be an easy fix to what looks like a common problem.




Hey everyone,

Thanks for upvoting this idea and sharing your use cases!

Before dispositioning this, I wanted to have a little more context into this. As far as I can see, this idea has started years ago and has been most likely related to the Classic experience workflows.

With that in mind, I wanted to ask if the combination of Layout Templates + New Workfront Experience design changes solve this challenge? For a little more context, in New Workfront Experience Layout Templates you can configure the position of custom forms in the object details (e. g. Project Details) so that your custom data is available to your users within a single click.

It feels like that should address the challenge here, and I'm curious to know if I'm missing something or there are other use cases that we need to take into account.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,