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Add a Benchmark Line to a Report


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Description -

I would love to be able to add a benchmark data point to a graph within Workfront. So that we can compare data to a target/threshold/etc.


Why is this feature important to you -

Data is often irrelevant without context. Currently it is difficult to convey that context in app when using a report's graph feature.


How would you like the feature to work - 

When I'm setting the graph up I'd like to "plot on a secondary access" a line that is just like a benchmark number. So let's say I'm showing a bar chart of planned hrs per week, I'd like to say this line is the max it should be so we can see what weeks are above or below that line. 


Current Behavior - Feature does not exist.

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Hi @lindselib,


I agree that this would be a useful feature to add natively on charts, but would also share that in many cases, it's possible to "fake it", as per this example below comparing the stacked "retainer hours" (purple, left) that a client purchased for consulting hours from us over time against the stacked "work performed hours" (yellow/blue, right) against those retainers.


In a related story ...I'll be cutting some new invoices this afternoon, if anyone's looking for me...