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Able to export Dashboards in pdf


Level 10


It would be ever so useful if we were able to export whole dashboard in pdf. At the moment we are able to export single reports which makes our work harder. And we need to play about to get it in pdf through printing options.

It would be so useful feature.



Level 1


There are two ways that folks above and elsewhere claim you can use to export a dashboard for external distribution, each of which has problems. Chrome extensions like GoFullPage work inconsistently for me and my team as workarounds--sometimes it captures the full webpage, other times it only captures the visible screen.


Beyond screenshotting the report manually, there is no way to export a dashboard. For a company like Adobe that presents this as a premiere project management tool, this is extremely disappointing and frustrating. I should not have to jump through hoops to create a shareable status report for my clients.


When will the ability to export dashboards as they are displayed on the web page be added as a native feature to Workfront?


Example workaround attempts:

  • Dashboard Actions > Print: This shoves the entire dashboard to the left side of the screen, cutting off the content of the reports horizontally.
    • Adjusting scaling or layout does not change the cutoff of the content.
    • Long reports that span over a page break get split in the middle of a row, reducing the legibility of the dashboard.
  • CTRL+P in Chrome:
    • The dashboard won't even display for printing; see below.
  •  workfront1.png