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Ability to share path/url of the "New Issue" button/page at TOP level



ISSUE: Cannot get and share the path of the topmost level of a request new issue page/button. C

Sure you can get/share the Issue/request page that shows the "New Issue" blue button but then it's an extra click and explanation to the user.

And yes, once you select the issue type (queue) then the "share path" link becomes available to copy and share.

I need to share the link to the page you see (top level before a type/queue is selected) when the blue "New Issue" button is clicked on the issue page.

I can't even put the "New Issue" page on the PIN bar because, again, there is no URL for the New Issue page until you select it.

An alternative would be for all Admins to place the blue "new issue" button right on the top nav.