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Ability to set List View as default in Documents


Level 2


Description - We are always in need of seeing the List View in Documents to determine when assets have moved from WF to AEM and understand errors if they happen. This We have a default view set up to do this, but are in need of defaulting from the Standard View to the List View.

Why is this feature important to you - The creative team has enough to do, that it would be helpful, since all other views are able to be set to a default, to also set the list view in documents as a default. This is where all of the information for the document and status for move to AEM lie. Having to switch this every time they need to import final assets is a pain.

How would you like the feature to work - WF admin sets list view as default view in layout templates - OR - the list view is set by the user and remains.

Current Behaviour - standard view is always the default in documents no matter if the user changes and must be toggled back to list view each time