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Ability to search deactivate user using a prompt


Level 5


I absolutely loved the idea of a Deactivated User Dashboard that was recommended in the Community (https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D54X00006lcZS7SAM/quick-tip-recommended-reports-to-review-when...). However you are not able to type in a deactivated users name within a prompt for reports. Unfortunately, since we have 1 person that handles the "off-boarding" of our users immediately as she receives the termination notice - this dashboard is somewhat useless because it does not give the Manager of that user enough time to utilize the dashboard and re-assign tasks/projects accordingly.

Suggestion: Allow searching function for deactivated users within prompts.



Level 3


It is my understanding that while you can't search for the user in the typeahead for "Equals" you can type the user's name in the open field that appears when you've selected "Contains" in the prompt. That said, I'm still upvoting this request because I need Deactivated users to function no differently than my Active users for the purpose of reports, searchability, etc. We've resorted to downgrading their access from Plan to Reviewer so our data isn't affected.