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Ability to pull in or push out Work / Tasks / Requests in the Workload Balancer


Level 4


Description - Workload balancer functionality does not allow you to move work forwards or backwards in time or extend/reduce the duration from within the Workload Balancer module. Users must go to the task and move/edit the task there. It would be useful if users could 'drag and drop' the task/work to change the work period and grab handles to change the work period.

Why is this feature important to you - this would dramatically improve the utility of the workload balancer as you would be able to make the kind of changes you need to, in real time, without leaving the workload balancer. This would save time and improve adoption.

How would you like the feature to work - There are two aspects to this: (i) provide the ability to 'grab' the work and slide it backwards and forwards in time (no change to duration), and (ii) ability to 'grab' an end of a work item to extend or reduce the duration of the work.

Current Behaviour - Workload balancer "drag and drop' is limited to the current task timeframe between users or between assigned and WOrkload Balancer Move Task.jpg

unassigned areas.