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Ability to mark project/task updates as high priority or urgent


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Our business has requested for ability to mark/post an update on project/task level as “Urgent”? As we move away from emails, we’re finding that certain messages get lost in the sea of notifications. Is there a way to mark a particular update as “Urgent” or “High Priority” ?

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Here is an example from one of our users:

It would be great to be able to mark an Update as urgent. It would be the same as in Outlook when you send an urgent message.

Example: I create an update on a Workfront project, and it is an urgent update. There would be some kind of box that I can check to mention that it is an urgent update. I would then add the names of those receiving the update (just like we normally do), but when the notified individual gets the e-mail in Outlook it would have a red explanation point next to it just like when you receive an urgent message in Outlook from another Outlook user.