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Ability to Export Custom Forms (Object Details)


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With current setup you are able to check the box and export but the only thing exporting is the custom form title. It would be quite beneficial to be able to export custom forms that shows all fields within that form. Currently, I need to do a screen shot.



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I agree - export to Excel would be very beneficial.

PDF is helpful, but Excel would have the added funtionality of sorting, etc. of the custom fields and selections.

Hoping WF can make this happen!



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We would move more of our creative brief process to Workfront if there was a way to export the data in custom forms! PDF, Word, Excel, etc. would be great.


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for upvoting the idea!

I'm happy to announce that it is included in our product roadmap!

At the meantime, it'd be very helpful if you would continue sharing your use cases of custom forms export here.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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+1, this would be great as we use custom forms for marketing event requests and the forms are lengthy, but would be great if we can export and turn into a brief for the use by the greater marketing and sales teams in planning meetings. Excited to see that this is planned.


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Seems crazy that this isn't a thing. I can left click and save a weird htm link that is of no use.

we have been able to persuade a few "outside" vendors to log in to workfront and use links to view data on custom form, that they need to then input into whatever they use, but many are reluctant as they already have several of their own platforms.

so we have to upload a word doc to some projects - (so it can be downloaded and emailed) we could easily capture this info even on a task level form if we could export it.

hope it's coming soon !!!

going to try that business case tab I read in this string somewhere--TY =)


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It looks like there are 2.5 years' worth of comments on this idea since it was first opened. Great to see that it's planned... when can we expect it?