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Ability to Export Custom Form Setup - Preview Screen


Level 3


Issue: With Workfront's current setup you are unable to export the Custom Form Setup - Preview Screen. The only way to share the Preview Screen is to take a screenshot.

Proposal: Ability to export the Custom Form Setup - Preview Screen.

Benefit: It would be beneficial to export the Custom Form Setup - Preview screen in situations where you are building forms for others users and require feedback. Exporting will save time and make it easier to obtain feedback before employing a new custom form in Workfront.



Level 10


One issue will how to explain show/hide logic and menu choices in such a format. If you're interested in samples of ones I've created for our team, contact me directly (I can't post them to a public forum).


Level 2


Yes! Our use case is we need to be able to show our client what has been created and confirm it is set up correctly before letting them test the functionality.