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Ability to copy a folder structure or folder tree at the Program Level


Level 3


Currently there is no way to copy or attach a template with a folder structure/tree at the Program Level, only at the Project Level. This means it needs to be re-created each time you open a new Program. This is not an efficient use of time and leaves room for error.



Level 1


One can't copy ao attach a folder structure at the project level, either, right? One can only build it over and over again within each project. If there is a way to import or copy a folder structure within a project, please let me know as it would be extremely helpful!


Level 7


We have a team which has a highly structured folder structure on the Program level and they have to recreate it every time a new Program is created. At the very least, being able to copy a Program would help with some of this. The ideal would be a Program template, similar to a Project template.