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User Group Follow-up (Oct 2019)


Tremendous thanks to everyone who came out to the Seattle User Groups meetup on Friday! We had a great few hours of networking and conversation. As promised, here are the resources that were discussed: The New Workfront Experience - Slides from @Richard Whitehead and @Scott Monroe 's session are attached. Please also be sure to visit and bookmark http://experience.workfront.com, it has a TON of valuable resources. Customer Presentation: REI - There are no slides from this session, but I’m tagging @Brian Richards in case anyone has specific questions or follow-up. Breakout Session #1 [Foundations] Resource and Capacity Planning - There are no slides from this session, but tagging @Christopher Talmont in case there are any questions. @Stephanie Hartsog also mentioned this video from our Leap conference that features Dale from Arthrex discussing creating a culture around data transparency. https://vimeo.com/336706879/e01357c61f (presentation begins at 49:55). [Advanced] Integrations - Slides supporting @Melinda Layten 's breakout session on integrations are attached. Breakout Session #2 [Foundations] User Adoption - No slides, but tagging @Lauren Kelley from Rego Consulting in case anyone has any specific questions. (Lauren, can you pass this on to Andrew, I don't think he has an account for me to tag him.) [Advanced] Resource and Capacity Planning - No slides, but Chris Talmont is tagged above! Thanks again to everyone who presented and participated. We’ll be planning another formal user group meetup in 2020, but encourage you to meetup on your own as often as you like. As always, let’s keep the conversation going and let us know if there’s ever anything we can do to help support you here in Seattle! Kristin Farwell Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy Programs Workfront
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