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Journal Entry Report Help: Only the latest field change in a date range and preventing duplictes


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I have built a Journal Entry report to pull the project budget number (greater than 0) if edited this week.  My two questions for the community are:

  1. How can I only pull the last budget field update (if someone updated the field multiple times in the week, I only want the max/latest change, not all)?
  2. How can I prevent random duplicate rows (several changes are complete duplicates with the same date/timestamp repeated up to 42 times, but some changes don't duplicate at all)?

In the attached image, 2 budget entries for 2 separate projects duplicated but one project (in the middle) reflects the accurate single row. 


Dupes1.pngDupes1 Text Mode.png

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Did you maybe already find a solution for only showing the latest edit row?

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