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Use Dashboards to Surface Related Data in a Centralized Space




Ready to take your reports to the next level? For quick access and improved visibility, add multiple reports to a single dashboard. To get started, complete the Create a Dashboard learning path on Workfront One. 

Benefits of Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to add multiple reports to a single page. If there are multiple reports that would be beneficial to you or to your users, add them to a dashboard and share the dashboard with anyone who needs access. That way, all information can be accessed with a single click or even pinned to the navigation bar. Keep reading for more information on pinning dashboards! 

Adding Reports to Dashboards


While you can populate dashboards with reports, calendars and external pages, we will focus on adding reports, as that is most common. You can add a report to a new or existing dashboard directly from the Report Actions dropdown menu or you can create the dashboard first. If creating the dashboard first, in the Dashboard Details area, select the reports that you wish to add using the search bar and drag and drop functionality. Choose the layout that works best for you and make sure to add a relevant title and description of what data is included in the dashboard. 

Pinning Dashboards

For improved organization and quicker access, pin dashboards that show important data or upcoming work items to the global navigation bar. To update the navigation bar for multiple users, add the dashboard to the appropriate layout template(s). For more information on adding dashboards to a layout template, click here.

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