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Customer Success Tips: Work Intake




Does your organization have a “single entry” for new work requests? Or rather, does your organization have a front door, a side door, a back door, and many other entry points to receive these requests?

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If you answered yes to the latter, don't worry, you are not alone—this is a common problem for many companies. Without a consistent work intake process, it can be nearly impossible to know what needs to be done, and when, because there is often a limited, if not a complete lack, of visibility for your people. Even more challenging, is the unknown amount of ad-hoc work consuming valuable resources and time from higher priority initiatives. I am sure we can all relate to those asks that “will only take a few minutes” and end up taking a few weeks – let’s work together to eliminate those!

The first step is to get familiar with utilizing request queues (your clearly visible front door) to help you create a single space to gather and manage all incoming work requests – thereby allowing for better planning, fulfillment and collaboration across multiple teams and departments.

The next is to establish the motto, “If it’s not in Adobe Workfront, it doesn’t exist” and communicate this to your people—the team members, the stakeholders, the leadership—everyone needs to understand the importance and the value of the single entry, the front door, and of centralizing all work.

When building any structure, you are going to need more than a door—you need the foundation and the framework as well. This is where your efforts really get started—identifying, defining and then documenting your plan—to begin creating your intake process.


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