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I need help with one of the questions from AEP certification! I will try to recollect the question along with the options given.

Q: A dataflow was created which stopped running after a while. This was realized after several days. What should be done to make sure all the data is ingested?
a) Re-enable the dataflow and input start date from the first missing file (as in when it stopped)
b) Just re-enable the dataflow and it will do auto-backfill
c) Re-create new dataflow and a new dataflow for each missing day
d) Re-enable the dataflow and start/select backfill

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Hello @shaunakj18 


A -  We can't change the start date while updating the dataflow.

B -  Correct only when the backfill was enabled when the dataflow was created. We don't get the option to change the backfill behavior while updating the disabled dataflow.

C - Can work but not the right way

D - Not correct because we can't enable backfill

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