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Can Adobe Real Time CDP ML Service support .pyd or .pyc file or relvant complied and encrypted scala files' execution ?


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I am happy that Our team is being using Adobe Real Time CDP to developed advanced ML topic solution for digital marketing area. For many business confidential reason, my company( Data Consulting Agency ) requires us developers not to expose our source code of algorthm to client project and to adobe Platform. We did some trying on mixing up code naming convention and code logic order. But it is still a high-risk matter that algorithms is the key asset of  my company. And in many service contract we just commited to our clients with service and solution deployment without any source code packaged in the contract. My company consists on that if client needs the service and solution, they need pay for the use right of code but not source code itself.  And If they need source code, they need to pay a higher price for the code asset and then take the possess right of the source code and at the same time they need to obey on that they have to keep source code confidential in their own organizations and can't be redesigned, redeveloped so that sold to other outside business organizations.


So the best solution is  that adobe Real Time CDP ML Service could support compile file or encryted file execution of python, scala,etc. Althrough I know  these files could be decompiled with 3rd  party tool, I consider it a best solution to use complied file or encrptyed file at present.


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