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Batch Destination - Export incremental data for batch segmentations


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Hi everyone, 

We are trying to export batch segmentation to batch destination (SFTP) and there is the scenario below:

This segmentation is composed of destinations coming from batch data sources.
The segmentation was saved in batch format.
The sending was done to a batch destination.

Batch audience:



We have the first case: Sending audience batch to batch destination (SFTP)



We need to send the segmentation every 3 hours (for email marketing activation).
What currently happens in the CDP:
After the first schedule of audience evaluation, the full base is sent, and only after the subsequent schedules in the following days, the incremental is sent. In other words, we have a scenario where data is sent only once a day, as shown in the screenshot below:



At other times, the sending is zeroed (only after 5m Brazil time zone is the incremental sent once a day).
The question is: how can we make the CDP send the incremental every 3 hours and not just once a day?
Obs: Was set to incremental 3 in 3 hours



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@resoliveira my take on this is Batch audiences are only evaluated once a day (See https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/experience-platform/segmentation/home#batch) so having an incremental export every 3 hours is not going to work.


Streaming segmentation is based on user activity so segment membership is updated regularly.


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When it comes to activation of data from the Adobe RTCDP platform we need to look at the ingestion of data and segment qualification.


You have indicated the data which the segment which was created against was batch based sources.  Is this data being ingested 1x day?


Batch segments will be evaluated 1 x per day based upon the global segment evaluation.  


The activation of a segment will look at the qualification status and timestamp.  Based upon the changes of the segment qualification of the last export the delta of profiles will be exported.


1) How often is your source data being ingested into the Adobe RTCP platform?


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Hi breakut, thanks for replied. The data will have been ingested and updated once time per day (from batch sources)


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@resoliveira  if this is the case where the data is being ingested 1 x day into the platform then your segment will only be evaluated 1 x day. 


This would result in segments being activated 1 x day.  


To change to 3 hr incremental you would need to increase your cadence of data ingestion.