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Audience Composition questions


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Hi all,


I am looking for some clarity on the new Audience Composition feature which was recently released to RTCDP. The documentation seems to be missing those details, or at least I cannot find it.


  1. At what time are audiences from Compositions evaluated and saved? We defined an audience evaluation time via API (9am) but the audiences coming from compositions dont seem to follow this timing. In fact, audiences from Composition seem to be evaluated at completely random times. Sometimes it says 5pm, sometimes 10am.
  2. How is the “Split” activity exactly working when you set it up on % level? Is the percentage level population done completely new every time it is reevaluated or do profiles which remain in the audience stay in the same split?
    For example: If we have a 90%/10% split and Profile A is in the 10% population today. Will this profile be in the 10% population next day as well or is there a chance users get moved around with every evaluation?
  3. Generally, what is the advice for which tool to use when? Shall we use the new Audience Composition function for all new segment creations (even if its simple ones)? Whats the pros and cons of this?
    Also what is the plan for the traditional Segment UI? Will it be decomissioned at some point in favor of Audience Composition?




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here are my responses based on my understanding 

  1. evaluation is always random in with in 12 - 24 hour Window
  2. split activity should not change next day - if it is happening then might be issue with configuration or open a Adobe ticket 
  3. Yes, traditional Segment UI will be decommissioned in favor of Audience Composition