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AEP B2B - Account profile UI - People Tab



Hello Everyone,
I am referring the B2B : Account profile UI guide 

For 'People Tab' it is  mentioned that "The People tab displays a list of up to 25 people associated with the account. For accounts with more than 25 associated people, the system shows a random sampling of 25 records."
I want to know if there is a way (any API) to view a complete list of people associated to the account in the profile store.
Query services I can see all the associated people, but that is the data lake view. 

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Hello @Ankita5 


The Query services should give you the details you are looking for. Just curious to see how it would be different for profile store ?






Hi @narendragandhi 
Query services will be give me the unstitched view from data lake, 
While profile store view is all data stitched based on PI and SI . 

There is a system table: account_person_snapshot this can be referred for profile store view of account person