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what are the steps to load personalized offer data into AJO the batch way?


Level 2

what are the steps to load personalized offer data into AJO the batch way?

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Hi @c2111,

You can follow these below steps:

  1. Prepare your personalized offer data: Make sure your offer data is structured in a compatible format for AJO. This typically involves creating a file containing offer data in a CSV, JSON, or XML format.

  2. Create a data source: In AJO, create a data source for your personalized offer data. This involves defining the schema and specifying the file location.

  3. Configure the data source: Configure the data source by specifying how AJO should read and interpret your personalized offer data. This includes specifying file encoding, delimiter, and other parameters.

  4. Map the data source to a destination: Map your data source to a destination within AJO. This involves specifying which AJO data fields correspond to the fields in your personalized offer data source.

  5. Validate the data: Validate your personalized offer data to ensure it confirms to the AJO data schema and any additional validation rules you've set up.

  6. Schedule and monitor the data load

Following these steps, you can successfully load personalized offer data into AJO in batch mode.


Level 2

I understand these are the steps but I need a sample JSON / CSV file to see what attributes are accepted as the doc provides sample JSON but it seems like the values need to be populated which is a bit confusing.


When I create a data set from decision object personalised offer schema there is a sample file which is showing how the JSON structure should be like as below :


{"_experience":{"decisioning":{"calendarConstraints":{"endDate":"2018-11-12T20:20:39+00:00","startDate":"2018-11-12T20:20:39+00:00"},"characteristics":{"key":"Sample value"},"contents":[{"components":[{"_dc":{"format":"application/vnd.adobe.photoshop","language":["pt-BR"]},"_repo":{"id":"urn:aaid:sc:US:6dc33479-13ca-4b19-b25d-c805eff8a69e","name":"Sample value","repositoryID":"C87932A55B06F7070A49412D@AdobeOrg","resolveURL":""/mycorp/content/projectx/fragment/prod/herobanners/banner14.html3""},"_type":"/uri-reference","content":"","deliveryURL":"","linkURL":""}],"placement":"/uri-reference"}],"lifecycleStatus":"draft","name":"Sample value","profileConstraints":{"description":"Sample value","eligibilityRule":"/uri-reference","profileConstraintType":"none","segmentIdentities":[{"_id":"/uri-reference","namespace":{"code":"Sample value"},"xid":"Sample value"}]},"ranking":{"order":{"function":"/uri-reference","orderEvaluationType":"static","rankingStrategy":"/uri-reference"},"priority":0},"tags":["/uri-reference"]}},"_id":"/uri-reference","_repo":{"etag":"Sample value"},"frequencyCappingConstraints":[{"events":{"title":"Events","description":"Events of the capping to comply with. Since most of the events don't support offerId level counting, we will start with only support decisioning event, and will extend to support custom event in future phases. Other events to be supported in the future : web-display, web-click, message-delivery, message-open, message-click.","type":"array","items":{"type":"string","enum":["decisioning","custom","click","impression"],"meta:enum":{"decisioning":"Decisioning","custom":"Custom","click":"Offer Click","impression":"Offer Impression"},"meta:xdmType":"string"},"minItems":1,"default":["decisioning"],"meta:xdmType":"array","meta:xdmField":"xdm:events"},"customQuery":"Sample value","entity":"offer","limit":13867,"repeat":{"enabled":false,"unit":"day","unitCount":1},"scope":"global"}]}



so would need more info on how the dataset format should be to insert offer into schema via dataset



Hi @c2111,

The format of the dataset will depend on the data schema you are using in AJO. If you are using the Adobe Personalization decision object schema, the dataset format for personalized offer data should be in JSON format, and it should follow the structure of the decision object schema.

The decision object schema contains several nested objects, each with its own properties which include:

  • _experience.decisioning.contents: This is an array of objects that contains the offer data.
  • _experience.decisioning.contents.components: This is an array of objects that contains the components of the offer, such as the image and link URLs.
  • _experience.decisioning.contents.components._dc.format: This property specifies the format of the component data.
  • This property specifies the unique ID of the offer component.
  • _experience.decisioning.contents.components.deliveryURL: This property specifies the URL where the component data can be accessed.
  • _experience.decisioning.contents.components.linkURL: This property specifies the URL that the offer should link to.

In addition to these properties, other properties may be relevant for your specific use case, such as offer eligibility rules, offer priority, and offer tags.

When creating your dataset for personalized offer data, you should ensure that it follows the structure of the decision object schema and includes all of the relevant properties for your offers. You can also refer to the sample JSON file provided by AJO as a guide for the format of the dataset.