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Using Prospects within AJO Journey


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I am trying to understand how to activate on Prospects within AJO. I have a Prospect Namespace created, Prospect Profiles created, and an Audience that includes those profiles. I assumed that I could just create a journey and use a 'Read Audience' step just like I would for a Customer Profile Audience. However, when configuring the 'Read Audience' step within the journey my Prospect Audience does not show up in the list of Audiences to select from.


Is there some step I am missing? Is the a better/different way to activate on Prospects within an AJO Journey?




Prospect Audience created: 



I have my prospect Namespace selected in the 'Read Audience' step:



Prospect Audience is not available in 'Read Audience' step:




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Is partner id, the identity type of the namespace ?



If you are referring to the prospect audiences, this is currently not supported in AJO.





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Thank you for the quick reply, I really appreciate it!


Yes Prospect Audience is what I was referring to.


If our goal is to send emails to prospects:

1. We cannot do this via and AJO Journey

2. We cannot do this via AEP Campaign


Is our only option for Prospect Profiles to activate them to a Destination and use an AEP-external platform to send emails?


Would another option be to create a ProspectID Namespace in Customer Profiles so that we can leverage Journeys to send emails? What would be the downsides or pitfalls of this?


Are there any other possible solutions for sending emails to Prospects?


Thank you again for taking a look!





Hi @dugganab,

Can you please help @MichaelBailey further with their query here?


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