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Events collection into profile attribute (via Google pubsub)


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Hi there,


Multiple questions here as I am trying to enable a use case leveraging Google Pubsub. 


1) We have a single PubSub topic and subscription that contains the data we need, but we need the data to be stored in an ExperienceEvent dataset to enable real-time notifications in AJO. AND we also need the same dataset in Profile Attributes to be used for targeting.


Attempted Solution:

I tried creating two Accounts (not using the same account) under Google PubSub Source subscribing to the same PubSub topic & subscription, each targeting an IndividualProfile & ExperienceEvent dataset. The result from our test is that say we push 10 records into the Pubsub Subscription, the 10 rows would only either get ingested into the IndividualProfile dataset OR ExperienceEvent dataset, is this by design? My goal is to have the same data populated into both datasets as the data comes in.


2nd Question:
The data coming in contains a collection/array of recommendations. Circling back to the first question I can choose to ingest as an ExperienceEvent dataset, but I don't think I can update the profile with the collection data using the Update Profile Action in AJO. How do I share the collect data over to Profile Attributes?



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