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AJO - Debugging API triggered transactional email


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Hi community! 

We are in the proces of implementing transactional campaigns to handle our reciepts for transactions in AJO.

I realize that there does not seem to be any way to view logs for incoming calls or anything in AJO, is that just me or is that in fact true? 

How can we debug campaigns if we have no means of viewing incoming requests?  Any suggestions from the community? 

Thanks in advance! 

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One way to look at this is by querying ajo_message_feedback_event_dataset to know how many profiles received messages successfully for a specific campaign Id.


Also, note the below call out.




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Hi @dugganab, thanks for the reply! 

It is helpful, thanks.


But also wondering if we by any chance can see logs for incoming API calls for debugging purposes? So sort of server logs.