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Need some enhancement to allow journey to run more than once.




We right now have a scenario where journey is used to debug AEP segment. AEP segment can often have a lot of targeting criteria. Often times when the count is off, it is very hard to pin point which criteria is causing the issue and which criteria there may be an underlying data issue. So a journey is created for this "waterfall count" purpose. It starts with a Read Segment that references the segment to be debugged and it is followed by a series of conditions and each condition is using a specific targeting criteria. After the journey is published, we can then see counts through journey reporting for each step. This type of journey we often need to run again and again. Currently we need to duplicate journey and rerun it after it first ran. 


So we ideally are seeking a solution to be able to run a journey again and again for this purpose without having to recreate a journey. Perhaps something like "test run/soft launch" that is different from the "publish" concept.  And if the journey has components such as sending email or logging data - those steps will actually be disabled during the "test run". We currently do have "test mode", so perhaps need better naming etc so not to be confused with "test mode".  


Additionally, we are also pursing a separate AEP enhancement request to allow for segment debugging through perhaps AEP features. 

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