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Company Name: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Company URL: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/

Your Name: Ravi Kumar Pampana

Your Title: AEM Lead Developer

Describe your company, the customer experience and business challenge(s) you set out to solve with Adobe Experience Cloud products, and how long your company/organization has been using Adobe Experience Cloud products.


We have been using AEM from last 8+ years and I have been with Sony from past 6+ years. We have been using AEM and multiple cloud services like Dynamic Media, Adobe Target, Audience Manager, Adobe Launch, Cloud Manager etc and each of the cloud service is helping a lot in driving our online site. 


Dynamic Media:

Since we are in marketing side we will be having lot of rich assets uploaded every day by many authors across the globe and single adobe instance is able to sync the assets from AEM Dam to Dynamic Media server without any issues. Assets also includes high quality images/videos which ranges more between 1Mb - 10Gb. The integration between AEM DAM and Dynamic media is so smooth that authors will be able to see the status change of the image/video from AEM. There are lot of additional features which AEM is supporting directly instead of someone creating them separately using another tool like Spin Set (which can be created directly in AEM DAM folder), Carousel images, Creating Hotspot images, Adding presets on AEM which will be sync to Dynamic Media etc. We are using all these features which is making authoring so easy and deliver rich content to customers.


Describe how you have integrated and used multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products to solve these challenges to improve and personalize the customer experience/journey. Please provide information that will be helpful in understanding your integration (e.g. architecture diagram, step by step process integration flow, etc.).


1) We are using Dynamic Media component and serving custom text on the images to customers based on the user profile and genre user is interested in.

2) As dynamic media supports multiple presets we are able to serve the desired image based on the user browser/screen size.

3) Dynamic media also supporting webP and enabling it is so simple and straight forward and it reduced the page load time to 40% and increased SEO ranking of the pages and placed our pages within first 2 results


Based on your successful use and integration of multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products, describe how it has transformed the customer experience/journey, and the value, business impact, and results your company/organization has realized. Please cite both qualitative and quantitative results as applicable.


1) Page performance improved a lot after we started serving webP images which reduced the page load time around 40-45% and improved SEO ranking of the pages without impacting the quality of the images.

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