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Personalize and enhancing customer experience using Adobe Target


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Company Name: 

Moonraft Innovation Labs

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Your Name: 

Ankur Bhargava

Your Title: 

Alliance Manager

Describe your company, the customer experience and business challenge(s) you set out to solve with Adobe Experience Cloud products, and how long your company/organization has been using Adobe Experience Cloud products.


Moonraft, the experience and innovation design arm of UST, delivers differentiated and impactful experiences that drive business outcomes for global organisations. Our unique integrated approach brings together design, art and technology and ensures that the experience is relevant, personalized, and seamlessly connected across channels. Moonraft has been working successfully with clients across industries like banking, insurance, travel hospitality, telecom, automotive etc. as they embark to address the incredible speed at which consumers are demanding new experiences.


The client (A Major Healthcare player) was looking to explore different campaign strategies in order to maximize digital revenue of various healthcare plans. They wanted to understand the different kind of experiences that resonate across different sets of audiences, and see what gets the best traffic, conversions, sales and other relevant metrics.


The key challenge of the project was it’s sheer scale as it included six sub-brands with their own websites that targeted multiple geographies and healthcare plans. This exponentially increased the number of pages to be created and tested with the target audience. 


The client was looking for a solution that would reduce the development time & cost and help improve their on-page performance and conversions for their respective target segments.



                                                        Sample Customer Journey


Describe how you have integrated and used multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products to solve these challenges to improve and personalize the customer experience/journey. Please provide information that will be helpful in understanding your integration (e.g. architecture diagram, step by step process integration flow, etc.).


Looking at the problem in hand we realized that Adobe Target would be the best platform to approach the problem as it provides the ability to reach specific audiences, understand their preferences and deliver personalized experiences to drive conversions.


We used Adobe Target to implement different experiences, variations and also created multiple variations of content for the all six major sub-brands to measure what really works for them and their customers. Adobe Target, especially visual experience composer, helped us implement the solution (headlines, CTAs, Featured images etc) much faster and measure each variation in performance across different sets of audiences.


Adobe Target has also been effective in helping us identify user experience issues for all the six sub-brands within a short span of time. It helped us perform iterations through these A/B tests to drive KPI performance and get accurate results sooner. Adobe Target was also deeply integrated within Adobe Analytics  providing detailed and customized reporting capabilities for each test and experience that we deployed. 




Technical Details:

  • at.js 2.x was used for web part of the application deployed via Adobe Launch


  • batchmbox delivery api was used for SPA section of the application 


    "tntId": "111499796294071-449025.28_44",

    "edgeHost": "mboxedge28.tt.omtrdc.net",

    "content": "Benefits You Want. Coverage You Need",

    "sessionId": "my-session-id"


  • Both VEC and Form based tests have been implemented


  • For VEC custom code approach with DOM mutation observer was implemented
  • For Form based regional Mbox based setup with predefined AEM component templates were used



Based on your successful use and integration of multiple Adobe Experience Cloud products, describe how it has transformed the customer experience/journey, and the value, business impact, and results your company/organization has realized. Please cite both qualitative and quantitative results as applicable.

  • Improved KPIs (conversion, traffic) driving increased revenue
  • Robust and actionable customer reports derived from Adobe Analytics that is directly integrated with Adobe Target
  • Tool is quite flexible, robust and quick enough to implement and achieve the results.

Sample quantitative results for example brands E & F as below:



Aspire Experience Manager Target